Support & Harness Options

X-Harness H-Harness Lateral Supports
Our new X-Harness is an easy to use torso support option. The harness is made of the same poly vinyl coated mesh material and color of the sling on the unit that has been ordered unless otherwise specified. This comfortable harness will help reduce the contact of buckles and uncomfortable belts with sensitive bare skin. The top straps are long enough in most situations to allow them to be loosened enough for the patient to lean forward against the harness. This allows easier access to the client’s back while still being safe and securely held into the unit. This option can be easily installed to existing units. To ensure the correct size is ordered, measure across the patient’s shoulders taking into account the clothing worn while being measured and potential growth of the client.




9in (22.86cm) - 14 in (35.56cm)


14 in (35.56cm) - 19 in (48.26cm)


19 in (48.26cm) OR LARGER
‘H’ harness is ideal for clients with little or no upper trunk control while using devices that do not tilt or recline. Holds user upright for a safe comfortable bathing experience.

Padded and adjustable lateral supports for individuals with limited upper trunk control. Three adjustment positions. Strait forward, slightly flared to the sides, or towards the back for easier access or transfers.
Padded Headrest Pommel
Water proof padded headrest is fully adjustable (up/down, in/out and rotation)

This Pommel can be used with our Mini Tilt-N-Space and our Bath Bed. Place it through the appropriate loop that is already built in the sling and attach the Pommel with the Pommel belt. The soft Velcro is positioned in the areas that come in contact with skin.
Head Bolsters  
Closed cell foam with PVC skin gently holds head in place as needed. Water proof bolsters cam be easily removed and are attached to adjustable band with velcro.